Call for Papers  (Brochure Download)

2022 7th International Conference on Intelligent Information Technology (ICIIT 2022) aims to gather professors, researchers, scholars and industrial pioneers all over the world. ICIIT is the premier forum for the presentation and exchange of past experiences and new advances and research results in the field of theoretical and industrial experience. The conference welcomes contributions which promote the exchange of ideas and rational discourse between educators and researchers all over the world. We aim to building an idea-trading platform for the purpose of encouraging researcher participating in this event.  Topics of interests include, but are not limited to the following:

Multimedia Signal Processing
o Algorithms and implementations
o Streamed multimedia applications
o Error concealment techniques
o Image and video processing
o Test-beds and trials
o Management of multimedia services
o Multimedia games
Signal Processing
o Control Algorithms
o Biomedical Engineering
o Image Processing and Pattern Recognition
o Embedded Reconfigurable, Evolvable Systems
o Mixed Signal Processing
o Information Theory & Coding
o Radar Signal and Data Processing
o Multidimensional Signal Processing
o Speech and Video Processing
o Soft Computing Techniques
Communication Theory and Techniques
o Coding and modulation techniques
o Channel measurements and modeling
o Spread Spectrum and CDMA systems
o MIMO - theory and trials
o Space-time coding
o OFDM technology
o Ultra Wide-Band Communications
o Diversity techniques
o Antennas and propagation

Internet Technologies
o Protocols
o Traffic modeling
o New and enhanced services
o Embedded Internet devices
o Adaptive QoS provisioning
o Resource and information management
o Emerging technologies
o End-to-end QoS
Wireless Networks
o Personal area networking
o Mobile ad hoc networking
o Broadband Wireless Access
o Convergence of different network types
o Mesh Networks
o Cross Layer Design
o Sensor Networks
o Cooperative Networks
o Test-beds and new applications
o Home networking
Information Security
o Security of wireless and distribution networks
o Security primitives and algorithms
o Authentication and authorization
o Programmable networks security
o Data integrity
o Encryption